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At our auto repair shop in Killeen, TX, our mechanics are ready to complete brake repairs, transmission repairs, and other services with the highest level of integrity.



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Our mechanics are highly trained, ASE Certified Technicians, and you’ll find that many people consider them the best mechanics in the Austin area! We use the latest technology and diagnostic equipment to provide everything from routine car maintenance and oil changes to brake checks, AC repair, check engine light services, and more. We work on all makes and models of domestic and import cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, minivans, hybrid, and crossover vehicles. We also specialize in Toyota and Honda repair. 


Oil Change Service

Your vehicle’s engine oil keeps the engine lubricated. This prevents damage from metal-on-metal grinding. If the oil is not routinely changed, it can lead to expensive damages to your vehicle.

Brake Repair Pads & Rotors​

Brake repair specialists at our shop understand how important it is to keep the drivers in Killeen, TX safe by maintaining the braking system of your vehicle. We can develop a plan for brake repair work that meets your needs. There can be many different signs indicating that your vehicle requires brake repair work. For example, the brake hoses could have leaks, or the brake pads might become soft. Get the brake repair work done immediately to prevent your car from becoming a road hazard.

Exhaust/Muffler Repair & Service

The exhaust system of the vehicle is often associated with the muffler and the tailpipe. However, there are many other critical parts of the exhaust system that could be causing problem. We help you fix it at our auto repair shop.

System Diagnosis & Repair​​

The engine tune-ups at our auto repair shop are part of a complete preventative maintenance program. The vehicle should be brought in to the shop for tune-ups periodically. During these tune-ups, we change the spark plugs or clean them after a certain number of miles.

Transmission Repair

Transmission repair specialists at our auto repair shop in Killeen, Texas are fully capable of handling any issue. A transmission repair specialist might be needed for a variety of problems because transmission systems are not all identical. Some models have manual transmission while others have an automatic transmission, so the right transmission repair protocol must be used.

Auto Vehicle Diagnostic

You can visit our repair shop in Killeen, TX for a car diagnostic. Car diagnostic tools are the high tech way around ripping apart your vehicle piece by piece and inspecting each one.

Why Choose Us

Our trustworthy and dependable crew at our auto repair shop in Killeen, Texas provides free loaner automobiles and is dedicated to repairing your vehicle correctly the first time. We are pleased to provide an industry-leading 5-year/50,000-mile warranty on our vehicle repair services. If you have any questions concerning the auto services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are pleased to take our time to ensure that you are comfortable with all of the vehicle maintenance and repairs that we are performing on your vehicle.



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We want to hear about your experience at our auto repair shop, Killeen, TX. 


This please is great!!! You drive up tell them the issue and 15 minutes later you are ready to check out. They ensure that they go over what the issues is along with letting you know if you have any damages to your rims. They are very honest and the price point is amazing ($21.00) for a flat fix. Keep it up fellas‼
Howard Chavez​
They did a good job to my car. They make the things happen on time!
Lucas Elliot